Erectafil 20 mg

Erectafil 20mg

New product on the basis of Tadalafil to prevent the erectile dysfunction

Erectafil vs Cialis: Safety and Usage

Erectafil, just like any other Cialis generic in its essence, is reformulated Tadalafil. The occasional problem with generics is that some people tend to take them less controllably, considering those drugs weaker than their branded versions. Due to this, issues with overdosage and unwanted reactions may arise.

As of today, Cialis has stayed popular for precisely one and a half decade and become a model drug for many generics. Both Cialis and Erectafil feature the same mechanism of action, show near-equivalent high efficacy in young and elderly patients and are quite similar in their duration of action (approx. 36 hours). In view of its wide usage, the full range of side effects of Cialis has been carefully studied; furthermore, the safety of Erectafil usage has been clinically approved in an according manner.

ED sufferers who come across Cialis generics for the first time often find themselves troubled by the question: is Erectafil safe or, at least, is it as safe as Cialis? The practice of Tadalafil treatment shows that ED generics may provoke different responses in the users; still, Erectafil and Cialis are marketed in the same category of risks and contraindications. In fact, their closeness in chemical composition makes Erectafil side effects entirely predictable.

Common side effects of Tadalafil

A properly selected dosage is key for minimizing the risk of generic Tadalafil adverse effects. That is why your decision to buy Cialis, Erectafil or Tadalafil should always be preceded by a visit to the doctor. All ED drug users should complete the health screening to ensure that the medicine is prescribed in full compliance with existing indications and optimum dosage recommendations.

generic Tadalafil adverse effects

The frequency and severity of adverse reactions to Tadalafil are inversely related, meaning that more severe reactions are always less frequent. Minor side effects are commonly present in a certain percentage of patients and normally disappear in a matter of half an hour or so.

Male Tadalafil users may experience dizziness, retching, tiredness, headache, low mood etc. Said side effects are considered fully reversible as they go away with the drug wearing off and do not cause any lasting organic damage. Although complications are not expected, even the minor inconveniences should be met with immediate medical help or at least reported with further re-checking of the ED patient’s drug compatibility.

Prolonged and/or painful erections, increased heart rate, chest pain belong to the effects categorized as rare to extremely rare.

Unpleasant effects related to ED

Erectafil vs Cialis

Erectile dysfunction is quite common in populations of males over fifty. While many patients voice complaints regarding their ED remedies, the fact remains that ED is frequently associated with narrowed arteries and overall poor circulation, which can create background issues unrelated to the drugs.

The factors that contribute to the ED condition include low testosterone, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity as well as high or low thyroid hormone. Elimination of the above underlying causes is crucial for prevention of worsened condition and general improvement of the symptoms.

It is highly recommended to remove stress factors, treat psychosexual problems, and opt for a healthier lifestyle without smoking, binge drinking, and sedentary habits. Abundance of physical activities, such as regular daily cycling for 2-3 hours may positively influence the symptoms.