Erectafil 20 mg

Erectafil 20mg

New product on the basis of Tadalafil to prevent the erectile dysfunction

Generic Tadalafil 20 mg

Erectafil is a new drug to treat the erectile dysfunction produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Unisule Pvt. Ltd. It is a pharmacological analogue of Cialis Soft and has all therapeutic properties of Tadalafil.

Erectafil is released in the form of the chewable pills with fruit flavor. It is quickly dissolved unlike common pills because it has a softer texture, and it is not swallowed. It is necessary to put the pill under the tongue or chew it, and Erectafil will start acting. Tadalafil goes to the blood through saliva within 10-15 minutes.

Erectafil long last tablets have an unusual fruit flavor and a smell unlike the common Soft pills. Nobody will guess that it is an intensive sexual stimulant which causes a hard erection.

Does Erectafil work?

As Erectafil is a new drug to treat the erectile dysfunction, men have doubts in its efficiency. However, Erectafil contains the active ingredient Tadalafil. Each tablet has at least 20 mg of this ingredient.

Erectafil 20 mg works by means of Tadalafil. It penetrates into the blood vessels of the penis and activates a natural release of the nitrogen oxide during the sexual arousal. As a result of this biochemical process, a dilation of the blood vessels happens in the penis, and more blood goes to the penis.

Generic Tadalafil 20 mg

The efficiency of the pharmacological action of Erectafil has been proved during the large studies with more than 2 000 men. There are no doubts because popular and well-studied ingredient Tadalafil is added to it.

But if you want to buy a new drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, you may have difficulties. You will be probably offered an expensive brand Cialis in the pharmacy. Pharmacy chains sell this drug to get more profit. But do not overpay because Erectafil online is for sale.

A cost of Generic Tadalafil is lower in the online pharmacy, and any drug may be ordered at any time, even if it appeared recently on the market.

Is erectafil safe?

Erectafil online

As Erectafil is a new product on the market, there are many questions about the safety of this drug.

Erectafil contains not only Tadalafil but also non-active ingredients that are responsible for the fast dissolution of the pills and flavor. Tadalafil has been approved by FDA and is considered one of the safest ingredients for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

Erectafil onlineSide effects of Erectafil are possible only if a man neglects precautions and takes a high dose within a day.

  • The optimal dose of Erectafil is 20 mg per day for an adult man
  • The pills may be taken with the interval at least 24 hours

The side effects appear if a man exceeds the daily dose. In this case, the following symptoms appear:

  • Headache
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Redness of face and high blood pressure
  • Dyspepsia

If a man had an allergic reaction to Cialis, it is not recommended to take Erectafil. These drugs have identical active ingredient, and so there is a risk of the allergy. If Erectafil is taken in accordance with the instruction, and dose is not exceeded, the side effects are unlikely.

A high risk of the side effects may be in men with chronic diseases:

  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmia
  • Arterial hypertension

The sexual activity may be contraindicated during these diseases because of the high load on the heart. In order to avoid it, it is necessary to take Erectafil in a lower dose with longer interval. If the heart beat is rapid during the use of the drug, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist.

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