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Doctor Liam Parsons

“Every doctor should correspond to the needs of the world, which develops every minute. Once you stop working on yourself, you lose the connection with your patients. Hence, you are out of game.” These are the words of doctor Liam Parsons – a urologist who never stops learning. This man has created his own website on male health issues. What’s more, he runs several accounts on different social media where he speaks about a healthy way of life, male sexual health, and ways of dealing with “awkward” problems in men.

Dr. Liam Parsons was born in 1986 in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. In 2004, after finishing school, he succeeded in entering Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University. The young man became a student of an accelerated 3-year MD program, which let him start the medical career very fast. Yet it didn’t reflect on his knowledge as due to progressive teaching technologies applied at the university and a perfect base for medical practice, he became a qualified specialist.

As a student, Liam Parsons worked at the Urology department of the St. Joseph’s Hospital. There he gained a strong basis and huge experience for his future medical career. In 2007, Liam Parsons MD graduated from the university an began to work as a Urologist at the St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Eight years of everyday work with people showed that a lot of them could avoid serious health problems if only they turned to the doctors in time. However, lack of knowledge on their own body and health made Dr. Parsons’ patients ignore the initial signs of the issues and turn for help when it was much more difficult to deal with the disease.

“Working mostly with males, I suddenly understood that they have just neglected themselves. That’s why I wanted to do something that would make them learn about their health on the whole and male health in particular.” - Dr. Parsons says.

He decided to embody his plans via social networks. For this purpose, he started accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Liam Parsons wrote about erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, prostate enlargement, and other burning topics, which could be helpful to males of all ages.

His head was filled with the ideas yet he wanted to know first if the things he was writing about were interesting to his readers. The readers’ feedback was very important to him. To Parsons’ great surprise and pleasure, the number of his friend, followers, and readers on social media grew quite fast. By the end of the first month, Dr. Parsons gathered more than a thousand people around his posts.

Gradually he gathered a team to help him embody his dream – his own website on health. A couple of weeks of hard work gave the needed result: the site started its work. There the patients can find useful and interesting information on various healthcare topics: starting with nutrition and ending with serious diseases. Besides, there is a chat where the readers can communicate and ask Dr. Parsons questions, they are interested in.

Liam Parsons wanted to cover as many topics as possible to make the site interesting to different users. To do this, he visited conferences and meetings with the most prominent medical specialists to learn from their experience. In addition, he got a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health at the Western University in Ontario.

Doctor Parsons always says that there’s nothing impossible, neither for him nor for his patients. “I believe and I’m deeply convinced that it’s only the beginning, and I still have time to bring into life my new projects. They will let both men and women understand that there’s nothing more precious than their health”.

Now, Liam Parsons MD gives all his time and energy to work.

Dr. Liam Parsons on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.