Erectafil 20 mg

Erectafil 20mg

New product on the basis of Tadalafil to prevent the erectile dysfunction

Tadalafil Dosage

In the modern treatment of ED, it is possible to distinguish several approaches to the determination of the effective dose. However, the most popular clinical strategy recommends starting with low initial doses in order to determine the general efficiency of the drug before switching to higher maintenance doses.

Initial doses of tadalafil-containing drugs rarely exceed 10 mg. The exact level at which the effect occurs depends on many factors, which means that successful medical regimens are different in various groups of people.

The generic Tadalafil proper dose capable of providing a normal erectile reaction varies between 5 and 20 mg. However, increased doses do not necessarily provide faster and stronger stimulation – in the absence of response to the medium doses, a common practice would be to change the overall strategy or opt for a prolonged therapy.

Said schedule holds true for most generics: a regular Erectafil dose is 20 mg. This drug also comes in a 40 mg form; however, clinical findings confirming its increased efficiency are not available.

Long-term Effects of Generic Medicines

In case of frequent planned sexual activity, it may be more appropriate to take low doses of the drug (not more than 5 mg) instead of the higher ones directly before intercourse. A professional physician should regularly review the expediency of the prolonged daily use in order to prevent the tolerance effect development.

Erectafil long term effects

This medicine is also actively used in clinical practice to provide deep relaxation of the muscles in the pelvic zone and increase the general blood supply of genitalia. Therefore, it is capable of providing an overall revitalizing effect when taken on a regular basis.

As for the period during which the drug enhances the direct erectile response, generic versions tend to demonstrate more satisfying results than the original medicine. Whereas its effect rarely rises beyond the 24-hour mark, the duration of the Erectafil long term effects is about 36-40 hours.

Quality Issues

All available clinical reviews point to the fact that the overall quality of the generics under consideration lies within the acceptable limits, which are also valid for Tadalafil. However, some generic versions have a bevy of customer benefits. Despite the fact that these features do not affect the general course of the therapy, they make said medicines far more suitable for larger groups of people.

For example, Erectafil from India has significantly lower price than other generics manufactured in the USA. It also demonstrates good digestibility levels and requires no correction of the standard dose even in patients with diabetes.

In summary, the quality of available drugs is sufficient enough to include them in the majority of treatment schemes. Nevertheless, new generics have a tendency to provide positive results with higher frequency and are most likely to constitute the correct and economical choice for numerous ED patients.